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Beginner to intermediate yoga classes from November to April

Located in the valley below Château des Rois Ducs in Sauveterre la Lemance

My name is Samantha and I run yoga classes at our beautiful Yoga Studio located at the Yoga Loft Retreat in the south west of France. With over 20 years of experience, I have created a Hatha-based style of yoga, influenced by a variety of Hatha and Vinyasa practitioners, the classes are given in a warm environment. Yes, a warm winter environment! Warmth is key to yoga asanas (postures). I focus my classes on posture alignment and breathing.

I run yoga classes during the winter from November to April. If you are lucky enough to live close to the Yoga Loft Retreat and want to escape your winter blues, then this may be your next regular haven.

Whether you are a yogi or a wannabe yogi, I offer a yoga class that suits beginners to intermediate levels. Classes are timed to fit in with working lives and for retirees, with sessions at lunch times, from 12pm, or early evening from 6.30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays and at 9.30am on Saturdays. All classes are 1.5 hrs. long.

Why come?

Yoga has all the benefits that one needs to lead a healthy lifestyle. It gives back to you what you give to it. If you are looking to change your health regime or lifestyle then try this. We offer your first class at half price 7 euros, all you have to do is turn up with enthusiasm and an open mind.

Hatha-based yoga means postures are held for a momentary time during which one concentrates, focuses, a type of meditation as it were. Concentration/ meditation allows the mind to control the body and life’s worries can be forgotten. This repetitive, momentary hold and release has many benefits. Noticeably, strength is built and muscles sculpted.

If you come on regular basis, you will soon notice physical and mental differences, and because the pattern of asanas are repetitive they can be mastered quickly and improvements come early on.

With a regular routine, oxygen levels in the blood increase which aids in a variety of positive changes in the body such as:

If if this isn’t enough to entice you to come and experience the Yoga Loft, then perhaps the space will! A beautiful and tranquil space, with smart lighting, underfloor heating surround sound, and incredible views from large windows to allow the outside in so you are completely immersed in nature. It is a luxury escape, a sneaky getaway. Who knows you might even want to tell your friends about it.

All I ask is you bring a bottle of water and a towel. Mats and props are provided.


1 Jacuzzi tub interior

6 Bedrooms

Electric bikes for hire at reasonable rates.

Heated swimming pool

3 Bathrooms

Massages available upon request but need to be organised before arrival.

Arrival 04:00 pm Saturday Checkout 10:00 Am Saturday

Book the space for 7 days

Break with your own instructor

Local wines from the honesty bar

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Private Retreat

Jacuzzi Tub Interior

Local wines from the honesty bar

6 Bedrooms

Heated swimming pool

Electric bikes for hire at reasonable rates.

3 Bathrooms

Book the space for 6 days

Arrival Sunday 4:00 Pm leave Friday 4:00 Pm

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