Connect mind and body

"Sam combines a variety of different yoga techniques to work with varying levels of ability."

Connect with Friends

Let’s face it, sharing a retreat experience, from boarding the plane to relaxing at the retreat, is far more fun with friends. By exploring new places, trying new activities such as yoga or canoeing, or enjoying a glass of wine at a local vineyard while watching the sun go down, you will make memories to share forever.

Connect with Nature

The natural world can generate a multitude of positive emotions, such as calmness, joy and creativity. We hope the peaceful seclusion offered by the surrounding forests will help release all of life's stresses. I realised what a magical spot this was when literally all I could hear outside my door was the sound of birds singing. Being able to see stars at night with such clarity is something I will never take for granted. I love it here, I think you will too.

Connect your positive energy

It is sometimes difficult to get away to a yoga retreat with friends, but the effort is well rewarded. The positive energy that only real friends can give to one another results in laughter and joy. This happiness improves both mental and physical well being and is the very essence of a healthy life.

The Philosophy of Yoga

Yoga aids in the maintenance of our mental and physical well being and creates a deeper awareness of our surroundings.It yokes the mind with the body through focus, breathing, balance, strength and meditation.

Why Practise Yoga?

I started practicing yoga at 33. Some people thrive from routine and a steady pace of life’s experiences. However life’s experiences don’t always turn out to be steady or routine. For me it was definitely neither. I changed my life, with Yoga. Simply, it made me appreciate each day. You are taught to forget about life’s troubles, in a sense “leave your luggage outside the classroom.” In doing so, you appreciate yourself and the world around you. Life becomes simpler, clearer. Yoga allows mental fitness and physical fitness to work hand in hand to create a mentally and physically stronger self. It was after a considerable amount of years of practising Hatha yoga that I moved on to experience other practices of yoga to widen my knowledge base. That being Vinyasa Yoga and Yoga Synergy. I enjoy learning new techniques and am a strong believer you are never too old to learn and adapt. I now want to share my experiences with you!

The experience

I believe any age can practice yoga as long as the one who practises, holds a positive and open mind. Yoga will increase your body’s ability to cope in all avenues of life’s emotional and physical challenges. It will increase your oxygen levels throughout the body by increasing blood supply. This oxygen supply is essential for healthy body and mind management. Hatha Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga is the practice of yoga poses or asanas for achieving this self-transformation.

We Offer Daily Yoga Classes From November to April.


The main purpose of this form of yoga is that it introduces beginners to yoga with basic asanas and relaxation techniques. Posture, alignment and breath control aid in strong physical and mental health.


This type of yoga is a sequence of challenging posture flows that are very structured. Proper alignment and joint flexibility are important. The sun salutation is utilised and breath to movement is stressed.


Restorative yoga allows us to relearn the art of relaxation while developing the skills and abilities to self-soothe. It enhances our healing capacity through helping us regulate the stress response and re-balance the nervous system.


Vinyasa yoga or sometimes people associate with flow yoga. Originating from Ashtanga Yoga where the  breathing is also synchronized  to the asanas.



1 Jacuzzi tub interior

6 Bedrooms

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Heated swimming pool

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Jacuzzi Tub Interior

Local wines from the honesty bar

6 Bedrooms

Heated swimming pool

Electric bikes for hire at reasonable rates.

3 Bathrooms

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